healing messages from the heart of a master

Get a channeled message from Jesus of Nazareth to bring you more peace within your heart and soul.

At this very moment, you probably have a need to feel more freedom within your spirit.

Fear, anxiety, stress, hightened emotions, and worry are weighing you down.

The time for you to let those things go is now.

Through "The Jesus Chats" experience, you will embrace a higher level of consciousness that takes you into a space of grace and kindness.

Do you want to be filled with pulsating energy that helps you go beyond pure consciousness and access your deepest inner Self?

Enter “The Jesus Chats” experience and feel more compassion for yourself within minutes.

A beautiful energy flows through you, connecting your heart and soul at a consciousness far beyond the basic human senses.

The energy of Jesus of Nazareth touches you, taking emotionally-filled events and liberating you from their pain.

Step into the spiritual and energetic realm and receive a channeled message from Jesus of Nazareth, filled with love for your life in the here and now.

You will receive more ...

  • peace

  • love

  • contentment

  • guidance

  • serenity

  • happiness

  • joy

Let your angels and guides support your own journey. 

Allow yourself  a moment of healing and peace.

You are worthy of these things and so much more. 



I was skeptical

A Transformative Experience

I was skeptical

As someone with an aversion to traditional religion I was pretty unsure about how a "Jesus Chat" could actually help my life. I was blown away by the profound accuracy about my circumstances, unknown to Joe, and was deeply moved and comforted by this transmission of love and grace which left me floating on air for days.  

~ Lori Lothian, Astrologer 



A Transformative Experience

I was skeptical

I actually cried 3 times during the chat - I was so clearly seen and known. Parts of my heart received healing that I didn't even remember were troubled. And THAT has amplified the spiritual work I am able to do now.

- Haumea Hanakahi, Executive Coach/Mentor/Intuitive Wisdom Guide


A Transformative Experience

A Transformative Experience

A Transformative Experience

The Jesus Chat with Joe is a very transformative experience. His own energy is very supportive and kind, and really welcomes one to receive the powerful channeling that he is able to deliver.

- Elliot Killian, Musician/Enneagram Teacher

About JOE



As a writer, using words as part of my life has been important for a long, long time. It's something that calls for me to use my mind, heart, and soul in the creative process. 

That took a quantum leap back in 2000 where I began to hear a still, small voice within me. It startled me for a bit because, well, it's a voice that I hear inside myself. It continued for a few months. I got curious and wanted to know if this was real or just something I was imagining, so I asked this voice who it was. "It is I, Jesus of Nazareth, who is speaking to you" was the response. 

This is something that has continued since that year and I've kept this part of my life hidden. I mean...who's going to believe that someone can channel Jesus of Nazareth through them? It's Jesus after all.

But I reached a point - after publishing five books and having numerous articles in large-scale publications - where I felt like this gift needed to be shared with other people around the world.

This is where “The Jesus Chats” started. Many people have received a message of love and comfort. 

It's beautiful to know that I can share this gift and it helps people live better lives.